About Betafeld

Our story

In 2017, in the esteemed halls of Harvard, Dr. Tajudeen Iwalewa and I crossed paths as enthusiastic postdoctoral fellows and became friends. United by mutual values of respect, empathy, and integrity, and a shared vision for a sustainable and livable future, in 2021, we established Betafeld to help farmers and businesses achieve sustainability and generate income.

Further inspiration struck as we explored the abounding, invaluable farms across the nation. The extensive amounts of saleable produce directed to landfills caught our attention. Conversations with farmers, cold storage facilities and trucking companies revealed the shortcomings in keeping produce from becoming waste and the hurdles they face in managing the logistics and transportation needed to valorize their produce.

Compelled to address the pressing issue of food waste, we passionately drew on our life experiences and R&D expertise in circular supply chains, artificial intelligence, and prescriptive analytics, and MatLoop was born.

MatLoop is an innovative material upcycling technology platform dedicated to revolutionizing the handling of U.S. harvests. Our cutting-edge platform that leverages AI and a powerful prescriptive analytics engine sets us apart. Our platform is one-of-a-kind and unmatched in optimization capabilities and effectiveness.

We are thinking big to transform the current linear economy model into a circular economy model. Thus creating a modern, competitive economy, generating social value, and helping preserve the environment.

Join us on this transformative journey, where innovative technology becomes a catalyst for a sustainable tomorrow through the advent of a circular economy. MatLoop isn't just a platform; it's a revolution — a revolution led by visionaries and fueled by the passion for a world where accountability, integrity, fairness, and sustainability reign supreme.

Alissar Yehya, Ph.D.Co-founder and President

Our mission

To end food waste

We are on the mission to end food waste. We are committed to pioneering innovative, cost-effective business intelligence solutions to achieve circular agri-food supply chains.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, and a steadfast dedication to sustainability, we collaboratively strive to valorize farm produce to create a future where our planet thrives and resources are preserved for future generations.

What we stand for

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